Aims & Objectives

Among others our aims are as follows:

Promoting and conducting educational programmes that would aim at integrated development of personality, transformation of human nature, upliftment of intelligence and value education including running schools, college and other institutes imparting formal, non formal and technical education research and collaborate with like minded institutions and individuals in India and abroad in these fields.
To see that the health and strength of workers, men, women and the tender age children are not abused and the citizens are not forced by economics.
To offer counseling services to the poor/women/old people in the matter of legal rights , access to physical and social services, access to credit, access to technical and financial information assistance for the obtaining various facilities, advice on land and property titles, land and property values, transfer procedure and other issues affecting the poor. Also to counsel students on various maters/issues concerning them.
To undertake research, conduct studies, appraisal and feasibility studies, organize workshops, and seminars on issues of Urban and rural poverty, girls, child, women empowerment, employment, land management, energy utilization conservation etc. either sponsored by the Society or another agency for collaboration with other organization.