Memorable Event

Memorable Event on the day of  World Handicapped Day(On 03rd December, 2008)

On the “Word Handicapped Day” i.e. on 4th December, 2008, our trust had organized a “Competition Event” for the handicapped and physically disabled children in cooperation with another organization named as M/s Bhagirath Sewa Sansthan, a Society having objectives in the same parallel lines as of our trust, so as to improve their morale and self confidence.

Competition Event was inclusive of various contests covering different areas i.e. like drawing, Solo Dance, Singing, Fancy dance competition etc.

In above said event around 400 (Four Hundred) physically disabled children from Janpat had participated.

Some memorable memories captured the different movements like inviting the Chief guest, flying of balloons, scene of drawing competition, a token of appreciation to Ms. Nishi Singh for all her remarkable efforts etc.

Mr. Alok Kumar, DCP Special Branch was the Chief guest of the said event.

Addressing to such an enlightening event he said that inauguration of such events and activities by the Trusts are very appreciable and it gives a chance to the children of under privileged, to emerge their creativity and imagination power.

Shri. Deepak Kumar (I.A.S), D.M. Ghaziabad was also invited to the event to motivate handicapped and physically disabled children. He admired the efforts of Ms. Nisha Singh for organizing such an event. He in his views said that children who are handicapped and physically disabled should not think that they are inferior or they are use less and can’t do anything for the Society.


Various gifts were also distributed during the event to the participants of the competition. These rewards were a source of encouragement and an aid to boost their moral. Also, to inculcate the value additions to the society in their own different way.

Ms. Nishi Singh, Managing Trustee of NAAD Foundation who organized such an event has also donated computer to the School. Various newspapers have captured this impressive event and published different articles in their Hindi publications like

  • Jagarn City,
  • Amar Ujala,
  • DLA,
  • Yug Karvat,
  • Hindustan Ghaziabad