Nishi Singh

A graduate from India’s one of top academic institutes lady Sri Ram College, Delhi. Nishi Singh is a multi-talented, dynamic and vibrant personality. She is a versatile artist who loves to express herself through paintings. She is equally adept at oil on canvas & water colours. She is keen observer of life and nature and this is reflected in her artwork. She has held many exhibitions and her paintings have featured in prestigious art auctions including India on canvas auction held by the Christie at Malaysian embassy.


Gifted with lilting voice, she has also learnt Classical Indian music from Gandharva ahavidyalaya. Her versatile personality & her itch to contribute something meaningful to the society led her to establish NAAD Foundation a Charitable Trust in year 2008 at Delhi. Among various objectives, the most prominent is to alter the lives of people on the margins of society by enabling them to take control of their lives, to empower them, to make them asset creators of the society. The basic philosophy is ‘stronger the individual stronger the society’. Her philosophy of charity is ‘to enable’.


Other objectives of the Foundation are :
To work for Community Health improvement.


To preserve and conserve environment


To work for Community Health improvement.


She has also done illustrations for various publishing houses.


She works as unit head at Adiva, a premium health care chain for men and women at Delhi. The Chain is run by Mothers’ Pride Group, which has done a path breaking work in the field of education. They run Mothers’ Pride Play Schools and Presidium Secondary Schools. Her dynamism keeps the workers at Adiva motivated enough to provide top quality service to its clients.